About Yatra

Yatra Foundation is a non-governmental, non-religious and not-for-profit organisation based in Australia, established to provide disadvantaged children in India the opportunity to access quality education. 


Childhood education in India is a state-by-state arrangement. Traditionally, there has been heavy investment in the tertiary sector resulting in vast inequalities in education standards. Rajasthan state is a prime example due to the feudal social order generated over hundreds of years, geographic isolation, escalating childhood labour, resulting in poor school retention rates. Only 47% of children enrolled in year 1 reach year 8 level. ‘Millennium Development Goals’, set by United Nations to be attained by 2015, call for all children to complete to end of grade 5. India has a long way to go to achieve these goals. Latest results show that 50% of children in government schools in class 5 cannot do class 2 level (ASER 2018).

Education is recognised as a powerful tool for reducing poverty, unemployment and inequality and for improving health, nutrition and promoting sustained growth (World Bank, 2004). Education has also been shown to have positive knock-on effects in the future generations. Yatra Foundation seeks to effect an enduring change in the lives of children and their families by giving them the opportunity to access primary school education, with the hope that a good education will lead them to better opportunities.

100% of all donations made to Yatra Foundation are used to fund Yatra projects. No proceeds are used for any administrative costs.

Mission Statements

Yatra Foundation aims to:

  1. Increase access to education for the most severely disadvantaged children
  2. Be non-discriminatory on the basis ofgender, religious background or caste
  3. Provide quality education
  4. Encourage school attendance and retention through effective community engagement and partnerships
  5. Monitor outcomes to assess demands and needs of participants and change programs as required
  6. Increase access to education in student numbers and duration of schooling  




SANJAY JAIN was born in Jaipur,  Rajasthan. Although a scientist by qualification, Sanjay is the managing  director of a sporting goods company based in Melbourne, Australia.  Having lived his early youth years in Kota, Rajasthan he is passionate  about helping the disadvantaged children of India.



RENU BINAYKIA has  grown up in Mumbai, India and her  family hails from the Shekhatwati  region of Rajasthan. She has lived  for the past 30 years in Melbourne  Australia. A designer by profession  she travels regularly to India and  is strongly compelled to help  educate the poor.



Dr SOPHIE BEAUMONT is a  dental surgeon with a Masters  degree in Public Health. She has always  had a passion for public  health, education and equity and a keen  interest in India.



Professor RAVI SAVARIRAYAN is a Paediatrician and Consultant Clinical Geneticist who works at the Royal Children’s  Hospital in Melbourne. He is of Indian origin and is passionate about  social justice.


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