Update from Yatra Cycle Tour of India 2019

The 2019 Yatra Cycle Tour of India has been an amazing journey. We have ridden almost 300km through quiet country lanes with fields of corn, bustling villages full of noise and horns, and quiet rivers and lakes. The group has stayed strong especially in the 2 longer rides of 75 kms.

We have been enjoying meeting the locals and taking chai with them and swapping stories. We met a local bike rider too who was on a 290km ride, but no one was up to joining him!

The afternoons have been spent visiting incredible temples, resting and drinking our beloved kingfisher beer.

Yesterday was an emotional one as the group rode into the Yatra school in Cuddlelore with the children and a guests of honour clapped us in! The day was spent joining in classroom activities, seeing a science display and playing volleyball and soccer with the children. It was an awesome day and the education these kids receive impressed all.

The bike tour has been tiring, inspiring and a bonding experience for our 13 riders and we have raised over 33 thousand dollars to date. Today is our last day on the bikes and we will head off around the French Indian colony of Pondicherry along the beach.

The tour has exceeded our wildest expectations and the food has been amazing, authentic, and plentiful.

We look forward to coming back to the South again soon and there is no better way to really see India than on a bicycle.

Donate: https://yatracycletourofindia2019.raisely.com

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