Rohan’s visit to Yatra schools


Thanks again for organising the trip, we had a fantastic time and would definitely like to go back in the future. Both the schools we visited; the rural primary school and the residential learning centre were really well run, especially the residential learning centre, which had a better student/teacher ratio than Wesley did in pretty much all the classes. We got to sit in on a few classes at the residential centre and float around while the kids did activities, mainly the younger “C” levels, who were learning letters and small words in Hindi while we were there.

At the rural village school we again got to sit in on a class, and then organised a few games and things with the kids, this time from all levels. I think the language barrier and the fact that all ages and grades only had one teacher to share around meant we couldn’t do any English or maths type games with them, as the gap between the advanced kids and the young ones was pretty significant. Next time I’d likely take some art supplies or something similar so they could all get involved.

From what we saw both schools looked very successful, kids were coming from many kilometres away on foot, and all seemed to be engaged and interested in learning. I think the only thing one of the teachers mentioned they were struggling with was helping the kids who made the leap from their system into the government schools, as they tended to drop out fairly quickly after struggling with the faster pace.

Thanks again for helping us visit, I’d definitely like to go again in the future, and the people who showed us around we’re super helpful!”

– Rohan

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