Generous donation from Da Gama Pinto family

“Sanjay and team

Thank you for the opportunity you have provided us to donate in the
name of Father Peter Fulton. Thank you for the wonderful work that you
and the Yatra team do.

Here is some information on Father Peter Fulton:

Father Peter Fulton was born on the 10th of June 1945 in Elmore,
Victoria, Australia. He was the youngest child of 4 children to
Christopher and Muriel Fulton.

Father Peter served in the Church for over 41 years across 9 Parishes
throughout Victoria, Australia.  During this time took time to serve
in the Melbourne Overseas Mission in New Guinea during which time he

survived a plane crash which left him a paraplegic.

Despite becoming a paraplegic Peter went on with a positive attitude
to become a member of staff at Corpus Christi College and finally
serve as Parish Priest of Mount Eliza. He was deeply involved with the
St Thomas More School in Mt Eliza.thumbnail_fullsizerender-jpg

The Da Gama Pinto family immigrated to Australia in 1988. Father Peter
was one of the first people we met in Australia. He instantly made us
feel welcome and brought us into the community. He had a calming
effect on the entire family and made us all feel safe. This feeling
was invaluable considering the huge leap of faith we made to come t
Australia and I strongly believe our experience in Australia was all the better for knowing Father Peter Fulton.

Despite becoming a paraplegic Father Peter remain as active as any
priest in the community. He often presided over all major events for
families and most importantly making important hospital visits to
support families in times of need.

Father Peter remained positive, always believing in the good of people
and the power of prayer and he loved to read. In his name we are
delighted to make a donation to the wonderful work that Yatra does.
Yatra would have a strong place in Father Peter’s heart. He loved
children, education, books and general knowledge. He believed in
equality, fairness and had deep faith.

In his name the Da Gama Pinto family is happy to make a donation to
the wonderful Yatra cause so that many people can experience further
education and access to books in his name. We hope that our
contribution can help many like we were helped by Father Peter.

With love and fondness we remember a special man. Long may his legacy live on.

Kind regards
Michael and Amanda”


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